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What does Chotu in Chotu Foundation stands for?

Chotu stands for “Childhood Honoring Opprtunities Towards Upliftmnet”, this phrase not only describe our name but the objective for what we stand for.

How does Chotu Foundation make a difference?

Chotu Foundation aims at providing quality education to poor children. We are giving active support for child development over a long period of time that aims to improve the healthy development of children through preschool care and development, primary and secondary education, to an adulthood in which they can be valuable and productive members of their community. The projects/services we identified based on their innovativeness and capacity to change children’s lives through involvement of the community members as well as the children themselves However, apart from this, Chotu Foundation runs many parallel projects such as, promoting environment awareness, organizing health camps, providing training and employment to men and women, and providing remedial classes to children studying in government school. Chotu Foundation works to overcome the barriers that prevent children from breaking out of the poverty cycle and we ensure that children play an active role in their own growth.

How can I contribute to this organization?

. You can contribute by sponsoring a child, by making general donation, by convincing your friends, company or other companies to provide corporate funding to Chotu Foundation. You can join us and provide voluntary services and there is no specific amount that should be donated.

Do I get tax benefits on donations made to the organization?

All donations made to the organization are exempted U/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. The NGO will provide a receipt to the donor.